Big Lifts Course



Who is this course for?

The course is exclusive to David Lloyd Hull members and will be beneficial if:

– You are new to weight training and want to gain confidence by mastering the basic lifts.
– You have been training for a while but are struggling to find a training focus and progress your training further.
– You are male or female, at any age, size or strength level.

To ensure optimal levels of individual coaching and attention, the course is limited to a maximum of six participants.


What are the benefits of learning the big six lifts?

When combined with a good quality nutrition and recovery:

– No other exercises build more strength and muscle.
– No other exercises will improve your physique and reduce body fat percentage as effectively.
– No other exercises enable you to lift as much weight using your whole body in the way it was designed to (Become a useful person in the real world whenever heavy objects need moving!).
– Learning these fundamental lifts will provide the platform for every other important exercise that you will perform in the gym.
– The confidence to lift heavy weights with good technique.
– Improved movement quality and mobility through all major joints in the body.
– Run faster, jump higher and throw further in your sports.
– Stand out from the crowd with excellent technique, impress yourself and others; and elevate your confidence in handling big weights!


What will the course cover?

Lifting big demands good levels of mobility and movement, therefore you will be individually assessed and given specific exercises to improve on any weaknesses. From this point, the focus will be on learning the big lifts (I’ve updated the course to include more than six lifts, and to spend more time on squats and deadlifts, the two most beneficial lifts):

– Week 1: Squat
– Week 2: Squat/Deadlift
– Week 3: Deadlift
– Week 4: Military press/Bench press/Dips
– Week 5: Pull-ups/Inverted row/Bent-over row
– Week 6: Review of all lifts

Spending six hours covering the main movements will ensure an in-depth technical focus on the big lifts. Specific regressions and progressions for each exercise will be given specific to individual participant skill levels. The emphasis will be on technique development with lighter weights and the aim is to give you the confidence to perform the lifts correctly and safely.


When and where is it held?

The start date for the course is Sunday 8th October 2017 (Times TBC) and will run for six consecutive weeks. The venue will be at David Lloyd Hull, where there will be access to the newly refreshed gym floor.


Who will be coaching me?

Your coach will be Sam Young, who has worked as a strength coach at David Lloyd Hull since 2010. Here are some of his relevant experiences and achievements:

– British Weight Lifting Coach since 2012. Currently at Level 2, which qualifies him to run an affiliated weightlifting club.

–  Competed in weightlifting competitions across England from 2014,  placing 4th at the 2016 English Senior Weightlifting Championships in the men’s 85kg category. Currently ranked in the top 20 85kg weightlifters in Britain.

– Received personal coaching from some of the top coaches and lifters in Britain and the world, including Russian 2008 Olympic silver medalist, Dmitry Klokov (See blog post here:; Jianping Ma of Ma Strength (who himself was coached by one of the founders of the Chinese weightlifting system); British champion and record holder, Jack Oliver; and two of the very top weightlifting coaches in Britain, including Cyril Martin and Dave Sawyer.

– Spectator at two London 2012 Olympic Weightlifting sessions at the ExCel: Men’s 94kg B group and Men’s 105kg A group.


How much will it cost?

– £72 for the full six week course.

Any questions, please get in touch!