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What we do


We empower professional people to become stronger, healthier and more productive through coaching weightlifting and strength training. We’re currently the only affiliated British Weightlifting facility in Hull and East Yorkshire, and place great emphasis on developing good movement and lifting technique, and on promoting a healthy lifestyle. We are passionate about creating a like minded community of strong, healthy, successful and encouraging people.



In March 2019, after 10-years coaching from sports fields, sports halls and commercial gyms; we were delighted to open our very own dedicated Strength and Weightlifting facility in Hull! It is open to all to come and visit. Please get in touch to book a chat and tour, or please use our booking system from the menu, to book a session.


Our promise to clients

“Stronger than you’ve ever been in six months”.

Our values

1. Our clients are treated as individuals and with the highest level of service quality:

We view each client as an individual with their own specific needs, personalities and abilities. We try hard to understand each client and respond accordingly by listening to the client continually, providing thorough consultations, setting agreed goals and writing highly structured training programmes. We also aim to interact with clients outside of sessions, providing support and inspiration through text, email and social media.

2. Innovation:

We believe that continually learning and applying relevant new knowledge and skills is essential to ensuring the long term health and fitness of our clients. An example of this includes gaining the relevant qualifications and incorporating Olympic Weightlifting techniques in a manner which benefits individual client’s needs. We keep network with, and learn from a variety of the best local people and organisations; from professional sports teams, personal trainers, university sports science staff and CrossFit coaches. We also keep our knowledge and skills updated by attending relevant courses at least every year and reading books and articles from some of the top strength coaches in the world.

3. A culture of quality movement and functional strength:

Every session is focused on improving movement quality and functional (or useful) strength in our clients. We inspire clients towards life-changing habits and developing bodies which are mobile and strong enough to cope with the demands of life. We focus on big, compound movements which will work the body how it was designed to and provide the best carryover to daily life activities.

4. Health and confidence-boosting:

Our emphasis is on improving people’s movement, efficiency, strength, confidence and health. We believe that a strong, healthy body goes a long way to achieving a strong, healthy mind. We aim to inspire and empower clients to realise the importance of strength training and include it as an important part of their lives in the long term.

5. Attention to detail:

We take a meticulous and methodical approach to consultations, exercise programming, monitoring and measuring progress, reviewing goals, observing exercise technique and constantly gain client feedback. This approach enables us to ensure that our clients are achieving results and are happy.