December 14, 2015

Why Women Would Win With Weights

Why Women Would Win With Weights

Approx reading times: (Summary = 1 minute, Full post = 20 minutes)     Summary:   Lifting weights is still generally seen as a masculine activity which is intimidating to beginners, but is becoming increasingly more popular with women in recent times. Looking better, losing weight and increasing confidence are priority goals among many women; and read on

September 26, 2015

10 ways to take our nutrition from shocking to shining!

Approx reading times: (Summary = 1 minute, Full post = 20 minutes)   As a strength coach, I need to have a fairly good grasp on how to fuel the body for optimal training performance and recovery. I’m no nutritionist and there are many people out there more qualified to discuss this area. However, I aim read on

March 9, 2014

Lessons from lifting legend, Dmitry Klokov

Having recently spent a full day being coached by former World Champion and Olympic Silver medalist weightlifter, Dmitry Klokov; I’d like to write about what I learned from the experience.   Things I learnt from the seminar (in a nutshell):   – Klokov comes across as a bit of a maverick, with no one coaching read on

February 1, 2014

Five qualities of successful people and teams:

  There are plenty of articles on this subject already out there, but I’d like to put my own spin on the topic, based on my own experiences of working with successful people. Working with various professional sports teams and coaching successful people; including Managing Directors, Professors and Senior Managers has taught me a lot read on