Why is good lifting technique important?

This can seem like a silly question, but it’s important to remind ourselves of the reasons why it’s important to lift weights with good technique.⁣

In my own pursuit of competing at a higher level in weightlifting, my technique on certain lifts declined, as the intensities increased. This ultimately contributed towards a lower back niggle, which is now taking a while to recover from. Now, I am focusing on technique work with lower intensities before gradually adding weight.⁣

✅ So the first and most important reason for optimal lifting technique is to prevent injury. If you move poorly, you put yourself at risk of injury. As intensities increase, poor technique will only become exacerbated. Therefore it’s important to move light weight with the same focus and intent as a one rep max attempt. ⁣

✅ Secondly, when you move with good technique and control, you will feel the targeted muscles working more effectively and therefore achieve better results. With large compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts and Olympic lifts, ideally we need to focus on using the big muscles of the lower body and keeping the barbell close to the centre of mass, whilst maintaining a neutral lumbar spine. Even with upper body lifts such as bench pressing, the legs should play a big stabilising part in the lift.⁣

✅ Finally, lifting with good technique is relatively rare still (even with an abundance of free online resources on technique). Having more people who can demonstrate good lifting good technique, will hopefully help to empower others to work on improving their technique also.⁣

So how can we improve our technique? Here are some suggestions:⁣

– Read and watch videos of technique demonstrations. I have free videos on my YouTube channel for example.⁣

– Video record your lifts and compare them to the videos you’ve seen. ⁣

– Get a coach to have a look at your technique. I am happy to do this for free for anyone, if I have the opportunity to do it around training my own clients. Please ask if you would like a free 10-15 minute session.⁣

– Look out for my upcoming lifting technique courses, where I coach how to perform the most beneficial lifts, including squat, deadlift, bench & overhead press, bent over row, hip thrusts and other important lifts.