About Sam Young

With a life-long passion for sport and fitness, Sam graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc 2:1 in Sports Science with Management in 2006. His dissertation focused on service quality, inspiring Sam to hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard ever since. Part of his studies took him to Sydney, Australia in 2005, which provided the inspiration for further travels, including working as an international sports event coordinator in Malaysia in 2007 and as a sports coach across the USA in 2009.

Since returning from his travels, frustrated by redundancy and a lack of decent employment options – as many people also experienced – due to the global recession at the time, Sam decided that his only option was to set up his own business from scratch. He was passionate about training, loved coaching and helping people move better and get fitter, particularly on a personal level and was determined to be in control of his career. In 2010, “Sam Young Personal Training” was established and grew into a successful healthy business over the following three years, helping people to achieve a variety of fitness goals and maintaining a great amount of client loyalty and referrals.

In 2013, Sam decided that he needed to rebrand to communicate his services and benefits a lot more effectively. His passion for strength training was evident in his sessions and his clients reaped the benefit of his style of training: Getting people stronger, leaner and boosting the confidence and health of those training with him. Not only did he just want people to be strong, he realised that many new clients struggled to move well enough to perform daily activities efficiently, let alone get into the right positions to lift weights safely and effectively. Further inspired by watching some of the world’s top weightlifters perform in the flesh at the London 2012 Olympics, it made him realise the unbelievable potential the human body has for strength and movement.

“Strong for Life – Better Movement, Better Health” concisely communicates what we’re all about.


BSc (Hons) Sports Science with Management (Loughborough University)

REPs Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor

British Weight Lifting Level 2 Club Coach

ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy