Ladies Lifting Course

Beginner and Intermediate 6-week Small Group Course


Course benefits:


Lifting weights, when combined with optimal nutrition, is the best way to:


  • Improve the look of a woman’s body, as it develops the feminine shape and curves of key areas such as the glutes (backside), legs, shoulders and arms, whilst creating a slimmer waist.
  • Drop body fat and look leaner.
  • Build confidence and strength inside and outside of the gym.


Here’s a great success story, of Lydia who has recently experienced great success from lifting weights with Strong For Life:


This course will teach you the best strength exercises for achieving all of the above and will empower you to lift heavier weights confidently on your own, once completed.



Course details:


  • Currently exclusive to David Lloyd Hull female members.
  • Aimed at women who are inexperienced at lifting and want to gain confidence and a better physique. Women who already lift weights will also benefit from having their lifting technique assessed and being coached new exercises.
  • Access to high quality training equipment and environment, including private air-conditioned studio.
  • Maximum of six participants, ensuring a high level of personal coaching and quality of delivery.
  • Learn how to squat, deadlift, hip thrust, press and pull heavier weights; and many different variations from very basic to advanced if necessary. Learn how to progress towards being able to perform full chin-ups, press-ups, dips etc.
  • Become confident in using barbells, weight plates, squat racks and much more in the free weights area, and other areas of the gym.
  • Gain better posture, flexibility and movement quality by learning exercises specific to the individual.
  • Video technology using the “Coach’s Eye” and “Iron Path” apps can be used to analyse lifting technique if desired.
  • Course will run for six weeks, one hour per week. Start date: February 2017 (dates and times TBC)
  • Course coach: Strength and weightlifting coach and competitor, Sam Young. Sam has been coaching people to become stronger and move better at David Lloyd Hull over the past six years, and believes women benefit as much as men from lifting weights.
  • Course price: One off payment of £60


For more information, please contact Sam (details below).