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***Weightlifting Coaching in Hull***

Includes NEW Weightlifting Technique Guide:


Watch this video to see what weightlifting training is, and how it can benefit you!..


Who is this weightlifting course for?

This weightlifting course will be beneficial if:

– You want to develop skilful lifting technique, find a training focus and progress your training to the next level.

– You want to develop whole body mobility, power, speed and strength for an impressive physique and better sporting performance.

– You are male or female, at any age, size or strength level.

– Basic levels of strength and mobility required, although exercises can be adapted if necessary.

To ensure optimal levels of individual coaching and attention, the course is limited to a maximum of six participants.


What is weightlifting and what are the benefits?


–  Weightlifting (also known as Olympic Weightlifting or Olympic lifting; and not to be confused with Powerlifting) is a competitive sport and one of the original athletic disciplines of the Olympic Games.


– The two competition lifts in weightlifting are the Snatch (where the lifter attempts to lift the barbell from the floor to overhead in one continuous movement) and the Clean and Jerk (where the lifter moves the barbell from the floor to the shoulders and then overhead).


– Although a competitive sport, weightlifting is excellent for developing whole body strength, muscle, mobility, movement, power, speed and confidence; to name only a few improvement that would benefit the general population and competitors in other sports.


– Learning the basics of weightlifting using light weights at first is fun and will build confidence for lifting gradually heavier weights overhead.


– The snatch and clean and jerk are arguably the two fastest, most impressive and graceful strength exercises. Learning to perform them will allow you to enter any weights room with confidence, as relatively few people can perform these lifts optimally.


– Weightlifting is excellent for developing a leaner physique as they work a large amount of muscle and require a lot of energy to perform. Your workouts will be more efficient and the potential to add muscle to the lower body and back in particular can be reached.


– Run faster, jump higher and throw further in your sports by learning and practicing weightlifting.


– Stand out from the crowd with excellent weightlifting technique (rarely seen in commercial gyms), impress yourself and others; and elevate your confidence in handling bigger weights!


What will the weightlifting course cover?

Weightlifting demands good levels of mobility and movement, therefore you will be individually assessed and given specific exercises to improve on any weaknesses. From this point, the focus will be on learning the snatch, clean and jerk and various assistance exercises:


– Week 1: Movement assessment, mobility and prerequisite exercises for weightlifting, including front and overhead squat
– Week 2: Introducing the snatch
– Week 3: Snatch technique development
– Week 4: Introducing the clean and jerk
– Week 5: Clean and jerk technique development
– Week 6: Reviewing the snatch and clean and jerk


Spending six hours in a small group will ensure an in-depth technical focus on the olympic lifts. There will be an opportunity to utilise video technology including slow motion analysis of participants’ technique to point out good points and areas to improve on.


Specific regressions and progressions for each exercise will be given specific to individual participant skill levels. The emphasis will be on technique development with lighter weights and the aim is to give you the confidence to perform the lifts correctly and safely.


Assistance exercises such as front squats, overhead squats, snatch balance, pulls etc will also be developed.


When and where is it held?


The weightlifting course will begin on Sunday 26th May 2019 at 3 till 4 pm, and will run at the same time for six consecutive weeks.


The venue will be at the new Strong For Life training facility in Sutton Fields, Hull; which has:


  • Three weightlifting platforms, with space for an additional lifting/warm-up area if required;
  • Specialist weightlifting barbells, including 20kg, 15kg, and even 8kg and 5kg technique bars;
  • Coloured bumper plates, including competition spec and technique plates from 2.5kg up to 25kg;
  • Four heavy duty squat racks
  • Jerk blocks;
  • Resistance bands, foam rollers, chalk and other essential equipment for Olympic Weightlifting.


Who will be coaching me?

Strength Coach, British Weight Lifting Coach and competitive weightlifter, Sam Young will be running the course for the full six weeks. Here are his relevant qualifications and experience:


– British Weight Lifting Coach since 2012. PT since 2010. Sports Coach since 2008

–  Competed in weightlifting since 2014,  placing in the top 10 in England for three consecutive years, in the 85kg (4th in 2016, 9th in 2017) and 77kg categories (7th in 2018).

– Competition Personal bests: Snatch 110kg, Clean and Jerk 150kg.

– Received personal coaching from some of the top coaches and lifters in Britain and the world, including Russian 2008 Olympic silver medalist, Dmitry Klokov (See blog post here:; Jianping Ma of Ma Strength (who himself was coached by one of the founders of the Chinese weightlifting system); and most importantly, by two of the very top weightlifting coaches in Britain, Cyril Martin and Dave Sawyer.

– Spectator at two London 2012 Olympic Weightlifting sessions at the ExCel: Men’s 94kg B group and Men’s 105kg A group.


How much will it cost?

£85.00 for the full six week course, which includes small group and personal technique coaching within each session, plus a NEW concise weightlifting technique guide.

Any questions, please get in touch!