Do you feel stressed and anxious due to the current situation of restriction and uncertainty?


Do you lack the knowledge of how to exercise from home, or simply struggle with having the motivation to do so, due to the closure of gyms and sports facilities?


Do you need a structure when it comes to exercise, training and nutrition?


Are you low in confidence and feel lethargic and frustrated about your lack of progress?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above, please watch the video below, and read on to find out how we can help you to achieve YOUR goals..






I’m your Online Coach, Sam.


I’m based in Hull, UK; and since 2010, I have focused on coaching professional people to become stronger, healthier and more confident than they’ve ever been.


I’ve worked with a vast range of people from ages 3 to 80; and from athletes to people who have never lifted a weight or trained in a gym in their lives!


One of the great things about online coaching, is that it doesn’t matter where in the world you live; I am still able to help you using many online platforms! With Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Drive, WhatsApp and many more; it is now easier than ever to receive comprehensive coaching online!


Having received online coaching myself, one of the most valuable things to me was the accountability to a professional and knowledgable coach each week. Knowing that my coach is able to see what I’ve been doing (or not doing), made it much easier to be motivated to train regularly and to stick to the nutrition plan! Having live video calls with a coach is very similar to being face-to-face: there’s no hiding place and you have to be upfront about what you struggled with and what you did well with! This resulted in much quicker and more sustainable progress, without doubt. Here’s proof of the progress I made using an online coach, in only one month!:




The benefits of online coaching were much more than just making the changes in the photos above. My day-to-day life had more purpose, I had structure and more energy and improved clarity in my thinking. These things are very important for me, as a busy professional person who works long hours for 6-7 days a week year round. Although I’m qualified and knowledgable in training and nutrition, having a coach to be accountable to made a huge difference to the consistency and quality of my training and nutrition. I’ve been there and experienced online coaching for myself and understand what it’s like to be a client who can struggle to fit training into an already busy schedule. I also continue to prioritise my own training and nutrition and I’m constantly learning and growing as a lifter and coach.


Since 2010, I have specialised in coaching strength training to busy professional people. As a someone who works long hours myself, I appreciate the challenges of trying to prioritise your health and fitness! Under the current global circumstances, I understand the stress and anxiety involved for a lot of people at the moment. Exercise is key in helping to reduce stress and blood pressure, and improving overall health and wellbeing. For busy people, I know how hard it can be to fit exercise in to our regular routine. As your coach, I will help you to schedule the time to train, and also give your the accountability to stick to the programme and push you towards your goals.


Whether you have access to a fully-kitted out home gym or have minimal, or even no equipment; I can provide effective and safe training programmes and nutritional guidance that will get you the results that you want. Provided you follow our guidance, you will start to feel amazing changes within weeks!










“In such a particularly challenging time, Sam helped me to quickly adapt by advising on how to set up a home gym, based on my goals. He coaches me live on Zoom, writes my full training programme, and checks in frequently with my progress on FaceTime. He also provided a personalised nutrition guide and continually advises on areas where I can improve. I’m already seeing great improvements in my lifting technique, physique and confidence after just eight weeks! I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”

– Danny,  Strong For Life Online Client





“With the recent changes implemented by COVID-19, I recently continued my training online with Sam. It’s really helped with keeping my training consistent. I can still have tips and pointers on form and technique, it’s just a case of being creative with camera angles!

I mostly train in my room, and as you can see I am very limited for room, but I’ve recently progressed to doing some technique movements to get me ready for learning the Olympic lifts.

Sam has been very helpful, and has developed my skills. Sam also checks-in with me on Zoom every Tuesday, in-between sessions, to review all aspects of my training and lifestyle, which has helped massively with accountability and consistency.

Sam has gone above and beyond what a coach usually does, and has recently listened to all of my concerns for a full hour! So thank you, Sam! Online Coaching has proven very valuable to me during this uncertain time. ”

– Shannon, Strong For Life Online Client






Working directly with Sam, you will receive bespoke training and nutrition plans, and regular video, WhatsApp and email support, all geared towards achieving YOUR goals, step-by-step.


We only offer one comprehensive online coaching option, as we want every client to receive the maximum support required in order to achieve their goals. All of our online clients receive:


  • An Initial Live Video Consultation, discussing your specific goals and mapping out a plan of action.


  • A Bespoke and Progressive Training Programme, which is specific to both your goals and to the equipment and space you have available. This is constantly reviewed and updated by your coach.


  • A Personalised Nutrition Guide, based on your specific goals.


  • A Personal Google Drive Folder, where all programmes, PDFs etc will be securely held and accessible and editable only by the Coach and You.


  • Ongoing Nutrition Analysis and Advice, based on your specific goals.


  • Weekly Live Video Coaching Call with Sam (up to 20-minutes long, where we will go through your check-in form, struggles and successes; and set out your goals for the week ahead).


  • Unlimited WhatsApp and Email support, including the option for videos to be sent for technique feedback.


  • Access to our Private Strong For Life Facebook Group, for regular client-exclusive content and community support and accountability.


All of the above is yours for just £110 a month. That’s just £25 per week for me to coach you personally towards your goals through these challenging times.


Because of the level of support offered in our online coaching services, we have a limited number of places. Please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid missing out on your place.


If you are interested in “Virtual Coaching”, where you receive live coaching through Zoom, please contact us below to discuss your individual needs and goals.


Please get in touch to find out more about our bespoke online coaching services, by clicking the green button below. We look forward to hearing from you, and will be happy to answer any questions you have.