Sports Massage


  • Tight muscles and injuries are common issues that prevent people from maximising their potential for movement, strength and well-being.
  • With experience and understanding in Strength Coaching, clients receive a holistic approach to Sports Massage that can help relieve muscle tightness, improve joint range of motion and improve performance of exercise in the gym.
  • We aim to empower clients to take care of their own bodies by demonstrating mobility exercises they can do at home.
  • We have a newly refurbished dedicated sports massage facility based in Kingswood, Hull, for which the prices below apply. Please enquire for separate prices if you would prefer us to come to you.


Package Price
60-minute initial assessment and treatment £45.00
30-minute initial assessment £26.00
60-minute sports massage £45.00
Block of four 60-minute sports massages £112.00 (£28.00 per session)
30-minute sports massage £25.00
Block of four 30-minute sports massages £75.00 (£18.75 per session)