NEW COURSE FOR 2020: Strength Training For Teens



Who is this Strength Training course for?


This course is designed specifically for Teenage Athletes who want to increase their strength, power, muscle development; and ultimately athletic performance.


Learning how to Squat, Deadlift, Press and Pull and are technical skills that require guidance and practice, in order to perform them safely and maximise their benefits.


A wide base of development is crucial, in order for the young athlete to reach their potential. Strength training plays a key role in:


  • Improving muscle and bone mass;
  • Increasing Rate of Force Development (Power);
  • Treating any muscular imbalances/improving weaknesses;
  • Increasing resilience to injury;
  • Improved mobility;
  • Becoming a more disciplined and all-round better athlete.


This course will emphasise correct technique first, before asking athletes if they feel confident to increase the intensity.


The training methods taught on this course are based on scientific research, and Long Term Athlete Development models from successful Weightlifting countries.


Young people have different requirements in comparison to Adults when it comes to strength training. These requirement change, depending on both chronological and lifting age; and these factors will be taken into account on the course.


Meet your Coaches:


Sam Young


This course will be delivered by Sam Young, who runs Strong For Life; the only British Weightlifting (National Governing Body) affiliated weightlifting club in Hull & East Yorkshire. Sam’s relevant qualifications and experience include:


  • British Weightlifting Level 2 Coach (current highest level weightlifting coaching qualification in Britain).
  • Owner and Head Coach at Strong For Life, the only BWL affiliated Weightlifting Club in the area.
  • 12 years coaching experience, including 10-years as a qualified personal trainer, and 4-years coaching under 18s in various sports.
  • Competed in weightlifting since 2014,  placing in the top 10 in England for three consecutive years. (Competition Personal bests: Snatch 110kg, Clean and Jerk 150kg).
  • BSc (Hons) Sports Science.
  • Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer since 2010.
  • Enhanced DBS checked in August 2019.




Jaz Naylor


Jaz Naylor will be assisting in the coaching delivery of the sessions, ensuring a good ratio of coaches to lifters. Jaz’s relevant qualifications and experience include:

  • BWL Level 1 Coach and Qualified Personal Trainer.
  • Competitive Weightlifter.
  • Degree in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Seven years experience coaching in sport and fitness, working in schools, sports teams and gyms.
  • Started coaching football, working with children from ages 6 up to 12, as well as working in a Primary School, assisting with PE lessons.
  • Experience in working  as a PT with both children and adults, coaching both group circuit and one to one sessions.


When and where is it held?


The weightlifting course will begin on Sunday 9th February 2020, 1pm till 2pm; and will run at the same time for six consecutive weeks.


The venue will be at the new Strong For Life training facility in Sutton Fields, Hull; which has:


  • Four weightlifting platforms;
  • Specialist weightlifting barbells, including 20kg, 15kg, and even 8kg and 5kg technique bars;
  • Coloured bumper plates, including competition spec and technique plates from 2.5kg up to 25kg;
  • Pairs of Dumbbells from 2.5kg to 30kg;
  • Four heavy duty squat racks;
  • Jerk blocks;
  • Resistance bands, foam rollers, chalk etc.


Includes NEW Introduction to Strength Training Technique Guide:



How much will it cost?


You will learn the correct and safe way to lift from qualified and experienced coaches, that will maximise power and performance in your sport. Skills and knowledge that you would struggle to acquire anywhere else in the local area; and the confidence that will allow you to apply these skills to benefit a lifetime of training.

– Here’s a summary of what you get:

  • Full six week course (six hours of in-depth specialist strength training technique coaching, specific to developing maximum power and performance in sports).
  • Includes small group technique-focused coaching from Sam and Jaz within each session (Two experienced lifting coaches to a maximum of eight lifters).
  • Coaching on all of the main strength exercises, plus mobility and warm-up exercises specific to strength training.
  • NEW concise strength training technique guide , which has photos and detailed descriptions of each of the most important lifts.
  • A sample strength training programme.
  • An opportunity to ask any strength training related questions, including individual technique assessments, advice on sets, reps, frequency of training etc.
  • This course will give you the tools to be able to build muscle, power and strength speed, key qualities that athletes can often lack.


You will receive ALL of the above for a one off payment of just £105.00 per athlete!






Any questions, please get in touch!