Amy Pedersen

Amy Pedersen
  • Name: Amy Pedersen
  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: Paralegal


My goal when I joined the gym was never to lose weight. What I was looking to achieve was to tone and gain some shape, feel more confident, gain strength and feel generally healthier.

I was absolutely clueless when it came to knowing what exercises to do, what would work certain areas and the thought of walking into the free weights area was, quite frankly, terrifying! As a result I used to stick to the cardio machines and would maybe throw in the odd round of squats or jaunt on the leg press. Needless to say I wasn’t seeing any of the results I wanted and going to the gym became such a chore.

I then met Sam and he spoke to me about the benefits of lifting weights especially for the goals I had in mind. In July 2015 I had my first session, nothing too fancy but some key exercises to ease me into my lifting journey. Since this time I’ve learned a whole host of different exercises I can do during my training.

I have recently really started to notice the results particular to my legs and bum (never a bad thing!) I am also feeling a lot stronger and realised with positive encouragement I am capable of more. I have also noticed some nice shape appearing on my arms, this was an area I thought would never get any sort of noticeable difference due to my natural build.

At times training can be tough, especially if you have been at work all day. It’s these session though that make the results even more worthwhile and you feel so much better walking out of the gym. I now find that I look forward to training , the me of even 6 months ago would never have seen that coming! I have also gained the confidence to go into the free weights area of the gym, a place I always considered a “man zone”.

Ladies! I urge you all to ditch the boring routine of pounding a treadmill and pick up some weights. You’re not going to bulk up or start looking like a body builder. Yes, you will gain some muscle but it’s in all the right places!!

The thought of lifting may seem daunting but stepping out of that comfort zone will pay dividends and is one of the best things I have done.