David Pawson

David Pawson
  • Name: David Pawson
  • Age: 30
  • Occupation: Process Technician

I started training with Sam in 2013 and saw rapid improvements to my physique through following his training methods, which focused on increasing my movement and strength.


Sam quickly improved my weightlifting technique and then focused on getting me stronger on the most important lifts, which I believe has been the key reason behind my improved physique. When I started, I struggled to squat 60kg but I’m now capable of squatting more than double this weight comfortably, with full depth and for reps; whilst recently achieving a 200kg deadlift.


Even after all this time, Sam has a very professional attitude and keeps my programme fresh and enjoyable, whilst always focusing on my goals and pushing me to take my training and physique to the next level!

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who’s looking to improve their strength, fitness and physique; especially weightlifting as this is where I have concentrated my training.
Cheers Sam!