Lee Clapham

Lee Clapham
  • Name: Lee Clapham
  • Age: 37
  • Occupation: Bank Worker

Since late 2012 my weight has dropped by over four stone and have lost approximately six inches off my waist. Initially, I was able to lose two stone and three inches through diet and self-motivation. However, during the spring of 2013, I felt I had hit a wall in my efforts and Sam was recommended to me by two of his other clients.

Although getting stronger wasn’t a priority goal for me, Sam immediately improved my lifting technique and set out a plan to improve my movement and strength, as these were areas of fitness I was lacking in.

Six months later, I now can do exercises I would never have even considered attempting before. My strength and confidence has increased dramatically, as we have monitored my personal bests week after week. I also feel more energetic and mobile in my day to day activities which has made my work and social life easier and more enjoyable. Getting stronger has enabled me to smash through the fat-loss “wall” I had previously hit, as I can now get more quality work done in the gym in less time but with more intensity. I am now therefore, highly committed to strength training as it will be vital to my long term health.