Lydia Bromley

Lydia Bromley
  • Name: Lydia Bromley
  • Age: 29
  • Occupation: Specialist Mental Health Nurse

Before: Size 24, 17st 5lbs (February 2015)

Currently: Size 14, 13st (December 2015)


I have spent the last 7 years of my life being inactive, obese, and disinterested in sports or exercise of any kind. Despite feeling comfortable with my appearance, my body was starting to give me some warning signs that I needed to change my lifestyle. I was given a one year subscription to David Lloyd gym by my brother. Initially I seemed to gravitate towards the weight machines rather than cardio, however I was not really sure what I was doing. I just knew that it was weightlifting that I enjoyed.


I had noticed Sam training at the gym and thought that the Olympic lifts looked particularly interesting (I had no idea that they were Olympic lifts at the time). I had my initial consultation with Sam and could tell immediately that he was the right PT for me. He didn’t ask me any questions about ‘what clothes size I want to be’ or ‘If I had a goal weight in mind’ which felt extremely refreshing. He was fully supportive of my goals to 1) gain good functional strength 2) Increase lower back strength  3) gain muscle mass/lose body fat and 4) gain a sense of mastery/achievement.


I have been having weekly PT sessions with Sam since April 2015 to present. I am always very impressed with his knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, and olympic weightlifting technique. I had some initial anxiety about doing the olympic lifts as I felt they were quite ‘showy’ but Sam has helped me to feel more confident doing them. I get a very high level of enjoyment from lifting weights, it never feels like a chore and in a way it doesn’t feel like ‘exercise’ either. It just feels like I’m doing something I really like and the results of it are an added bonus. I train 3x a week minimum.


My nutrition has not been ‘strict’ to achieve this. I eat a high protein diet that is relatively high calorie (2250 a day), and I eat frequently throughout the day. I found that the nutrition side of things came secondary to the weight lifting; I felt motivated to eat well to support increased muscle mass. Food is just fuel for my body and seeing it this way has helped me to avoid eating the high sugar/carbs/salt food I used to. I have reached a point where my initial goals have been achieved and exceeded. I now aim to improve my technique in the olympic lifts.


I really enjoy my PT sessions with Sam. His attitude towards including women in weightlifting particularly pleases me. I feel sad to think women would be put off from weightlifting due to feeling intimidated in the free weights area, or due to worries that they will become ‘bulky’. I am really glad he is starting a women’s weightlifting course, as I hope others will be able to try it out and get enjoyment like I do. I am excited to see what the next 6 months brings in my training!