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It’s now helping me to become leaner and to regain strength and suppleness like no other exercises can

Having competed in weightlifting over 15 years ago, it was great to find somewhere local to rekindle my enjoyment for the sport! I originally started weightlifting to help improve strength and power for my sport, found out I was good at it and went on to represent England. However, weightlifting is brilliant, even for those who don’t have plans to compete. It’s now helping me to become leaner and to regain strength and suppleness like no other exercises can. The social side and helping to encourage the younger lifters to improve is also very rewarding.

- Carol Marshall

I am now hooked on weightlifting

After doing Sam’s beginner course, I am now hooked on weightlifting! Training is now no longer a chore – my technique, flexibility and confidence are growing all of the time and hitting new personal bests gives me such as buzz! I now train at Sam’s weightlifting club where I’ve made new friends and we all encourage each other with our lifting. I look forward to every session and enjoy the balance of hard work and fun that we have within the group.

- Courtney Haller

I highly recommend his weightlifting beginners course and teachings

Sam is a great coach and has helped to improve my lifting technique greatly. Some members of the group have their sights on competing but my focus at the moment is to improve my technique and own personal bests. I highly recommend his weightlifting beginners course and teachings. The people who take part in the club are friendly and encouraging. It’s great to be part of it.

- Rich Clarke

Taken my strength, mobility and confidence to the next level

I’ve always enjoyed general weight training, but since learning the Olympic lifts on Sam’s beginner course, this has really taken my strength, mobility and confidence to the next level! I’m now part of Sam’s weightlifting club, which runs regular sessions and has enabled me to meet and train with people who equally enjoy weightlifting. The motivation of the group makes a huge difference when it comes to attempting new personal bests lifts. I have already competed in the sport and have entered another competition as this gives me real focus to my training and the experience brings out the best in my lifting.

- Jaz Naylor

Improved my strength, power and speed

I did Sam’s beginner weightlifting course over two years ago and haven’t looked back since! I went through phases of skipping the gym, but now I have regular sessions with Sam’s weightlifting club and train multiple times per week. My commitment to training has since increased massively and it has resulted in recent personal best lifts. Weightlifting targets the whole body for an effective overall workout and has greatly improved my strength, power and speed as well as mind-body connection.

- Mike Variava

I’m leaner and more confident than ever!

Learning weightlifting with Sam has helped me to lose five stone, and more importantly; feel healthier and more confident – all through doing something I enjoy and find challenging! Sam’s attitude to including women in weightlifting particularly pleases me. I feel sad to think women would be put off from weightlifting due to feeling intimidated, or to worries of becoming “bulky”. The results I’ve seen are exactly the opposite – I’m leaner and more confident than ever!

- Lydia Bromley

Sam Young is an inspirational

Sam Young is an inspirational, first class trainer! Sam is very approachable and provides lots of support & encouragement when needed. I have made great progress over the last 18 months and I look forward to every session.

- Tony Jennings

Best moves I have made

Training with Sam has been one of the best moves I have made. The knowledge and skill set he has transferred to me is exceptional! His emphasis on mobility and keeping strong has improved all aspects of my training schedule

- Matt Spence

Sam is a fantastic PT

I have worked as a colleague of Sam's for two and a half years and in this time I have seen him grow and develop personally. Sam is a fantastic PT and is always looking to develop and educate himself to give the best possible service to his clients. I have more recently trained as a client of Sam's (despite myself being a Personal Trainer). His knowledge and commitment stood out to me and I wanted to focus from another person's perspective. It was definitely the right choice as we have worked well together and seen great results.

- Lorraine Carey

Confidence using eqipment

Over the last three years I have trained with Sam. Sam provides the confidence in using equipment that women probably wouldn't touch. I am consistently challenged through diverse routines and pushed to my limit! I now certainly do feel stronger for everyday life - literally!!

- Michelle Power
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Helped me understand the importance of strength training

Sam has helped me understand the importance of strength training, which I have been able to take with me in my pastime of hill walking. He has built my confidence in climbing higher and further as well as improving my work rate in the gym.

- Rick Keane

Motivation to improve my mobility

Sam gives me the expertise and motivation to improve my mobility and lift heavier weights than I would ever have done on my own. As a result, I feel and look leaner and tighter all over, especially around my waist and arms.

- Fran Dawson

Expert guidance gave me the confidence

Sam's expert guidance gave me the confidence to lift heavy weights and reap the benefits of doing so. Rather than gain an overly muscular physique, I have developed a well-toned but slender body and now feel stronger than ever.

- Kay Feeney