Who is ‘Strong For Life’ for?

Our current clients include business owners and senior managers from a variety of industries, and people from a wide variety of other professions. A study of our client base in the summer of 2013 showed that 71% were male and 29% female with the most popular goal to reduce body fat levels, followed by increased muscle and strength; and then improved posture and movement. At the time of writing, we train clients ranging from 12 to 66 years of age with a range of fitness levels and abilities.

We are looking for people with the following qualities:

  • A positive mentality and “can-do” attitude.
  • A determination to do everything that it takes to succeed at achieving their goals.
  • A total commitment to all nutritional, lifestyle and training requirements as agreed with our coach.
  • Discipline, discipline and more discipline. And then more discipline! The clients who have made the best progress with us have demonstrated discipline in buckets. We take our coaching very seriously and expect our clients to take our advice very seriously in return. This means the following:
    • Recording an initial seven-day food diary
    • Consistently sticking to our nutritional and lifestyle advice
    • Sticking to the training plan given and logging training session performance
    • Adhering to our terms and conditions which includes payment terms, punctuality, cancellation policy and displaying a positive attitude in challenging circumstances.
  • Perseverance. We can’t always keep progressing. Otherwise we’d all be professional athletes! Sometimes it’s necessary to take one step back to take two forward. Understanding this will make the journey much more enjoyable and results will follow!

So, we don’t ask much! But these qualities are vitally important and present in all our successful clients. Many people come to us because they simply want to drop body fat and look better. They have done the cardio thing and it just didn’t have the desired effect. With Strong For Life, we coach our clients that strength training – combined with good nutrition and lifestyle – is the most effective way to get leaner, healthier, more confident and energetic.